Bodies & Nature

Cow in a Crowd / Audrey Rowe, College ’16

Photo: 'Cow in a Crowd' / Audrey Rowe, College '16, via Flickr

This track focuses on bodily natures, both human and nonhuman, and ecological relationships as the basis for modern life. Students pursuing the Bodies and Natures track can draw from a number of sub-disciplines: political ecology, eco-criticism, environmental history, global health, medical anthropology, animal studies and more. Some topics include: global sustainability, ecological crisis, extinction, biodiversity and conservation, blasted landscapes, environmental illnesses, toxicity, pandemics, multi-species, urban and guerrilla gardening, homestead farming and gleaning, ecotourism, super foods and urban deserts, nature walks and beauty retreats, global yoga, local and raw food activisms.


Example Courses in this Track:

GNSE 20309 Sex, Gender, and the Medical Technologies of the Body
ANTH 23805 Nature/Culture 
ANTH 28210 Colonial Ecologies