Cultures at Work

'Teatime, Ozdere, Turkey' / Varsha Sundar, College ’15

Photo: 'Teatime, Ozdere, Turkey' / Varsha Sundar, College ’15 via Flickr

Studies in this track focus on the effects and implications of cultures at work and play. The Cultures at Work track invites students to explore the economics, politics, and artistic production of cultures around the world, from hubs of fashion design to sweatshops, from meal preparation to elaborate dining rituals, marketing, and consumption.  Potential topics in this track include: everyday life, consumer politics, cultural economies, subjectivities, gender and sexuality, ethnic commodities, production and consumption, work and leisure, art and pop culture, imagination, gaming, branding, upcycling, and green-washing.


Example Courses

Mass Mediated Society and Japan  (ANTH 21725)
Ethnographic Film  (ANTH 22530)
Intro to South Korean Cinema: Gender, Politics, and History  (EALC 16600)