International Studies

For Current International Studies Majors

The International Studies program is becoming the Global Studies program. Lookng for the approved course list?

4th Years (Class of 2017): Students will graduate with majors in either Global Studies or International Studies. This will be the last class of International Studies majors- afterwards, all students will matriculate as Global Studies majors.

3rd Years (Class of 2018): The International Studies program will transition into the Global Studies program after the conclusion of Spring 2017. Therefore, students in the Class of 2018 onwards will only be able to major in Global Studies.

Notable Changes between International and Global Studies include:

International Studies Global Studies
Three tracks: International Political Economy, Transnational Processes, Area Studies                   Four tracks: Bodies and Natures, Knowledge and Practice, Cultures at Work, Politics and Governance
Course breakdown of 4 courses in major thematic track, 2 in minor, 3 in Area Studies Course breakdown of 6 courses in major thematic track (including GLST 29700 research course), 3 in minor
A study abroad program is required, waived for most international students A research activity is required, conducted either domesticly or abroad

The program will continue to publish a quarterly approved-course list for International Studies majors, along with past lists, through the beginning of Spring 2017.

Further questions should be directed to Program Administrator Joshua Oxley.