Knowledge & Practice

Divide at the Western Wall (Jerusalem) / Maia O’Meara, College ’16

Photo: 'Divide at the Western Wall (Jerusalem)' / Maia O’Meara, College ’16 via Flickr

This track investigates and questions the conditions and implications of established ideas and activities.  Students will analyze the varied activities that produce, mobilize, and motivate values, claims, and relations. Fields of inquiry are not limited to science and technology but include professionalization and expertise, regulatory standards and regimes as well as the enterprises that are countercultural, quotidian, traditional, reactionary, and activist. Topics that orient student research in this track include everyday life and laboratory life, affects and artifacts, migration and mobility, auctions and authentications, consumer politics and corporate responsibilities, media and technology, and techno-cultures and imagined futures.


Example Courses:

Medicine and Culture in Modern East Asia  (HIST 24206)
Objects, Things, and Other Things  (ENGL 29202)
Internet and Society  (SOCI 20208)