Governance & Affiliations

Columbus / Rachel Wang, College ’16

Photo: 'Columbus' / Rachel Wang, College ’16 via Flickr

This track covers politics, broadly speaking, as a wide range of power relations and mobilized solidarities, claims to authority, and calls to action and responsibility. It occupies a middle ground between two extreme positions: one that privileges the state and powerful extra-state institutions and the other that downplays power in favor of the mundane and/or micro-sites of governance. This track examines diverse political entities: from UN agencies’ affairs to online protests, from environmental governance to neighborhood organizations. Topics in this track include biopolitics, mundane governance, development and humanitarian intervention, post-conflict studies, social protest, sovereignties and solidarities, nongovernmental sector, violence and injury, surveillance, corporate governance, peace-keeping, and policing.


Example Courses

Big Science and the Birth of the National Security State  (ANTH 22300)
Popular Culture, Art, and Autocracy  (PLSC 27016) 
Drugs, Guns, and Money: The Politics of Criminal Conflict  (PLSC 29500)