End Tales Podcasts

Ends and Beginnings

Do you think that we live in apocalyptic times? Or post-apocalyptic times?  The podcasts listed here are a collection of the most thoughtful, poetic and incisive, sometimes widely speculative or downright tragic tales about the “end times.” Composed by students taking a Global Studies class entitled “End Tales: Recounting and Retrieving the Altering Worlds,” each narrative  is tackling the daunting issue of the global ecological crisis as well as the vital question ‘what is to be done if the world is going to wreck and ruin?’ How do we think through the current disasters—from extreme weather to ocean acidification and mass species extinction—let alone face the possibility of post-sustainable futures? How to live and think, tell stories, and where to find pleasure and meaning in the catastrophic times? The tales featured here raise admirable suggestions. They take you to the supposedly familiar sites —from Gaza to North American suburbia—and invert the sense of what is at stake in our shared present. I invite you to listen and think along.  -Larisa Jasarevic



"Gazan End-Times" by Rami

"End Times: Untitled" by Dhruv

"What Would It Take to Save the World?" by Eli Zerkle

"Dispatches from the End Times: Ecology at War" by Christopher Annis

"Approaching the Apocalypse from Suburbia" by Sophia Fisher

"Final Remarks" by Maggie Marusek