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Where is the Global Studies program office?

The office for the Program Administrator, Lee Price, is Gates-Blake 119. You should contact Lee if you have specific questions that the Academic Preceptors can't answer. Feel free to stop by during normal business hours or contact her via email, lee@uchicago.edu. She keeps regular office hours during the academic year that are shared via the program mailing list (see below).

How do I become a Global Studies Major?

First, you should declare your Global Studies major with your College Adviser. Then you need to subscribe to the Global Studies list for majors. Next, you must stop by Gates-Blake 117 to meet with the Global Studies Academic Preceptors, Amy and Angela, who advise Global Studies majors on curriculum issues. They hold regular office hours during the week which are posted on the office door and on the Global Studies website. The academic preceptors will create a degree program worksheet for you which tracks your progress as you complete the program's degree requirements. The GLST worksheet is updated and forwarded to your College Adviser who updates your information in the Academic Information System.

What kinds of opportunities count for the Global Studies research requirement?

The research requirement can be fulfilled in many ways: certain study abroad programs, internships both domestic and international, and other opportunities. Ideally, the research activity will help you hone your academic knowledge with hands-on, out-of-classroom experience. You will work with the Program Administrator to decide what might best fit this requirement.

What is the Global Studies language requirement?

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a single language at the seventh quarter level or above. Proficiency is demonstrated via a passing grade in a course at the seventh-quarter level or above.  Study beyond this level is strongly encouraged.

What courses can I take to fulfill the major?

Each quarter the program releases a list of approved courses, available on the Global Studies web site as well as on a sheet posted outside Gates-Blake 119.

I have taken or want to take a course that is relevant to the Global Studies program, but it is not on the approved list of courses. What do I do?

Submit a College petition to the Global Studies Academic Preceptors in Gates-Blake 117 or to the Global Studies Program Administrator explaining the course’s relevance to your studies, along with a course syllabus. The Program Director will decide if this course is appropriate your Global Studies major and contact you with the decision.

I have taken more than the required of courses needed for a B.A. in Global Studies. How do I choose which will be counted towards my concentration GPA?

Your College adviser will work with you to include the courses on your degree program that are most advantageous. Please be sure to finalize these decisions before the Spring quarter of your graduating year.

What are the major’s requirements for 4th Year students?

All seniors must write a B.A. thesis. This process begins in the spring of your third year when you submit a thesis proposal and find a faculty member to advise you on your topic.

In the Autumn and Winter quarter of your fourth year, you are required to take the B.A. thesis seminar. Theses are submitted the Friday of the second week of the quarter in which you graduate.

I am a double major. Can I write one B.A. paper for both Global Studies and my other major?

It many situations, yes. The BA thesis must reflect the themes and topics that are developed in the Global Studies 1 and 2 courses. Your second major program will need to approve the use of your Global Studies thesis for the other program requirements.

How do I receive honors in the major?

The major requires students to have an over-all GPA of 3.2 or better and an in-major GPA of 3.5 or better. Your thesis must also be recommended for honors by your faculty reader. The major also awards a Thesis Prize each year for the most exemplary BA Thesis.

What was the International Studies Program?

As of Autumn 2017, the Global Studies program replaced the International Studies program. Additional information can be found on the International Studies page.

If you have additional questions, please email the Program Administrator Joshua Oxley.