Major Requirements

As a major offered by the College at the University of Chicago, offical requirements for the students can be found in the College Catalog. Courses that fulfill the program's thematic tracks can be found on the quarterly Approved List, listed online and outside the program office (Gates-Blake 119).

In summary:

GLST 23101-23102 Global Studies I-II 200
Five courses in a primary thematic field 500
Three courses in a secondary thematic field 300
GLST 29800 BA Thesis Seminar I 100
GLST 29801 BA Thesis Seminar II 100
One program elective 100
Total Units 1300

Additionally, Global Studies majors should complete one "Research Activity," selected in conjunction with the program staff. This allows a student to participate in volunteer activity, employment activity, internship, field research, or study abroad opportunities that would inform their BA Thesis topic.